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Python Mastery Bundle: Learn, Create, Deploy

  • Learn, Create, Deploy

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About the course

Course 1: Game Development using Python

Discover the world of programming through interactive game creation in Python. From the classic Snake Game to the strategic Connect Four and the engaging Memory Game, delve into ten distinct projects. Master programming concepts like loops, conditional statements, and object-oriented programming while having fun developing games.

Course 2: Flet App Development with Python

Unravel the architecture of Flet apps and harness Python’s power to craft responsive, interactive applications. Learn to output data using Flet controls, request user input, and design intuitive page layouts. Explore the simplicity of deploying these apps as multi-user, real-time Single-Page Applications across various platforms.

Course 3: Python Basics & Hands-On Projects

Embark on a comprehensive journey from Python basics to hands-on implementation. Ideal for beginners and enthusiasts alike, learn Python from scratch, focusing on its versatility. Master its use in web applications, workflows, database systems, and big data processing. Dive into rapid prototyping and production-ready software development, unlocking its potential in AI, machine learning, and data analytics.

Course Highlights:

  • Python Fundamentals: Understand Python’s simplicity and cross-platform capabilities.
  • Programming Concepts: Grasp loops, conditionals, and object-oriented programming through game development.
  • Flet App Development: Explore creating stateful, professional-looking applications using Python and Flutter.
  • Real-world Applications: Implement learning through hands-on projects: Instagram profile, Calculator, QR Code tools, and more.
  • Deployment Strategies: Learn packaging and deploying apps for web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

This bundled package empowers students with a comprehensive understanding of Python, guiding them from foundational concepts to practical application development. With engaging projects and practical skills, this course bundle unlocks the full potential of Python programming.

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